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Resetting a User's Password

In Oracle CRM On Demand, users must provide answers to a minimum of two security questions. These questions and answers can be used later if users forget their password. If users do not remember their security questions, or if they are locked out and want immediate access, you can reset their password.

NOTE: This procedure has the same effect as selecting the Email Temporary Password When I Click Save check box on the User Edit page. You must configure the user role and related information before emailing the temporary password.

Before you begin. To perform this procedure, your role must include the Manage Users and Access privilege and the Manage Company - Reset All Passwords privilege. In addition, the role of the user whose password you want to change must include the Reset Personal Password privilege.

To reset a user's password

  1. In the upper right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
  2. In the User Management and Access Controls section, click the User Management and Access Controls link.
  3. On the User Management and Access Controls page, click the User Management link.
  4. On the User List page, click the Last Name link for the user whose password you want to reset.
  5. On the User Detail page, on the title bar, click the Reset Password button.

    The user's existing password is replaced with a new temporary password. The new temporary password is sent to the user by email.

    NOTE: This event is recorded in the Sign In History section on the User Detail page.

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