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Combining Results from Multiple Reports Using Set Operations

After you select a subject area and add columns to a report, you can combine criteria from one or more subject areas using Set operations. This action combines the results of two or more reports into a single report.

NOTE: The number and data types of the columns selected in each component must be the same. The column lengths can differ.

The following table lists the Set operators and describes their effects on results.

Set Operator

Effect on Results


Returns nonduplicate rows from all reports.

Union All

Returns all rows from all reports, including duplicate rows.


Returns rows that are common to all reports.


Returns rows from the first report that are not in the other reports.

To combine the results of multiple reports

  1. In Oracle CRM On Demand Answers, in the Define Criteria page, click the plus sign in the Advanced section, and then click Combine with Similar Analysis.
  2. In the Subject Area dialog box, select a subject area that contains the data that you want to combine with the columns in your report.

    The subject area can be the same as the subject area from which the existing columns in the report are taken or a different subject area.

    The Set Operations page appears.

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to build the combined report.
  4. Click the Set button and select the operation type.
  5. Select columns from the selection area to combine with the first report.
  6. If required, define the filters that are specific to the current subject area.
  7. Add additional subject areas by clicking Edit in the Set Operations section, and then choose Create New Criteria.
  8. Edit column characteristics (format column, sort) for the combined report by clicking Result Columns in the Set Operations section.

    This action displays the resulting columns with buttons that you can use to edit format and sorting.

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