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Tracking Revenue Based on Contacts

You can track revenue information for each of your contacts, which allows your company to base its forecasts on contact revenue. To do so, you add revenue records to contacts.

NOTE: The revenue tracking feature is not part of the standard edition of Oracle CRM On Demand, so it might not be available to your company.

Adding revenue records to contacts allows you to:

  • Track products, product categories, or revenues forecasted for each contact
  • Base your company’s forecasts on contact revenue

If your company bases its forecasts on contacts, only records meeting these criteria are included in the forecast:

  • Revenue record for the contact must have a Status of Open, Pending, or Closed.
  • Revenue record for the contact must have the Forecast field checked.
  • Revenue record cannot be linked to an opportunity.

Before you begin. Your company needs to inform you of the forecasting method that it wants to use. Companies can forecast revenue on opportunity, opportunity product, account, contact revenue, or product quantity, but only on one of those. The company forecasting method determines which fields you need to fill in when adding revenue records to contacts.

To add revenue to contacts

  1. Select the contact.

    For instructions on selecting contacts, see Finding Records.

  2. On the Contact Detail page, scroll down to the Revenues section and do one of the following:
    • To link a revenue record, click Add.
    • To update revenue information, click the Edit link next to the existing revenue record.
  3. On the Revenue Edit page, complete the Revenue Fields, see Tracking Revenue Based on Accounts.

    NOTE: If your company does not use contact revenue for its forecasts, it is best to leave the Forecast check box blank on the Revenue page.

  4. Save the record.

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