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Reviewing Audit Trail Configuration Changes

You can review the audit trail changes that users make to field setup, roles, and access profiles.

Before you begin. To perform this procedure, your role must include the Access Master Audit Trail privilege and the Admin Configuration Audit privilege.

To review audit trail configuration changes

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
  2. In the Company Administration section, click the Company Administration link.
  3. In the Company Audit section, click the Admin Configuration Audit link.

    The Admin Configuration Audit table displays the following values:

    • ID#. The table row ID of the modified configuration.
    • Type. The record type that was modified.
    • Type Name. The record name that was modified.
    • Source IP Address. The IP address of the computer on which the configuration change took place.

      NOTE: This value is displayed only when this information is available.

    • Session Type. This value indicates if the session was interactive or a Web services session.
    • Last Name. The user’s last name.
    • First Name. The user’s first name.
    • User Sign In ID. The user’s login ID.
    • Operation. The type of configuration that was performed, for example, created, deleted, or modified.
    • Field Modified. The field name of the record that was modified.
    • Old Value. The previous value of the record or field that was modified.
    • New Value. The new value of the record or field that was modified.
    • Date. The time and date when the record was configured.

For more information about the audit trail, see Customizing the Audit Trail.

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