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Reviewing Report Data

Report data is shown in lists, tables, charts, or graphs. For many reports, you can select different categories to reorganize the same data from a different perspective. For example, you can display your accounts grouped first by region, and then change the selection to display the same data grouped by industry.

For lists and tables, null values appear as empty fields, except for the following:

  • Id fields, such as Account Id, Contact Id, and so on where they appear as negative numbers
  • Record type name fields, such as Account Name, Contact Full Name, Custom Object 1 Name, and so on where they appear as Unspecified

For charts and graphs, you can also drill down on each segment to see the records comprising that segment.

To compare relative and absolute numbers, many chart reports also show a table of supporting data metrics.

To change the perspective of the report

  • From the drop-down list, select another category to reorganize the same data from a different perspective.

To view the records comprising a segment of the chart or graph

  • On the chart, click a segment of the pie chart or bar graph.

    A list appears of the underlying opportunities, accounts, or service requests contributing to that segment.

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