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Role Management

In Oracle CRM On Demand, you manage roles in the Role List page and in the Role Management Wizard. You access the Role List page and the Role Management Wizard from the global Admin link, which is available on every page in Oracle CRM On Demand.

A role in Oracle CRM On Demand is similar to a business function that a user performs within an organization, such as a sales executive function or a service manager function. Within your organization, your business function gives you certain privileges and permissions that are unique to your business function. Similarly, within the context of Oracle CRM On Demand, roles differentiate one business function from another, by defining the features in Oracle CRM On Demand that a user has the privileges to use, the set of permissions the user is given to work with protected information, and the user interface settings that display information.

NOTE: Users can be employees or employees of a partner organization. Users can also be external systems that access Oracle CRM On Demand.

The parameters defined by a role include:

  • Privileges
  • Access to record types
  • Access profiles for the role
  • User interface settings, which include the following:
    • Tab settings
    • Page layouts
    • Search layouts
    • Homepage layouts

Each user has one assigned role. The same role can be assigned to multiple users. Roles do not have a hierarchy.

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