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Account and Partner History Analytic Subject Area


This subject area is available in all editions of Oracle CRM On Demand.

Business Purpose

This subject area allows the reporting of the many-to-many relationship between accounts and partner accounts. This subject area is almost identical to the account subject areas. The only difference is that it includes the partner dimension, which has a many-to-many relationship with the account record type. This subject area allows you to create reports to show all the partners for an account. Because this subject area represents the many-to-many relationship between accounts and partner accounts, accounts that do not have an association with at least one partner account cannot be reported using this subject area. The attributes that define the partner account relationship that are available for reporting include the following:

  • Primary Contact
  • Role
  • Reverse Role
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Comments

Relationship Type



This subject area has the following dimensions:

  • Account
  • Account Partner
  • Campaign
  • Date
  • Owned By User
  • Relationship Contact
  • Territory


The complete list of metrics for this subject area is as follows:

  • Account Metrics
    • Account Custom Metrics
    • Number (#) of Accounts
    • Number (#) of Accounts with Opportunities
    • Number (#) of Activities
    • Number (#) of Contacts
    • Number (#) of Leads
    • Number (#) of Archived Leads
    • Number (#) of Qualified Leads
    • Number (#) of Rejected Leads
    • Number (#) of Leads Converted to Opportunities (Definition: The number of leads that has been converted to opportunities.)
    • Number (#) of Leads Resulting in Lost Opportunity
    • Number (#) of Leads Resulting in Won Opportunity (Definition: The number of leads that has been converted to opportunities and is in the Closed/Won sales stage.)
    • Number (#) of SRs
    • Number (#) of Cancelled SRs
    • Number (#) of Closed SRs
    • Number (#) of Open SRs
    • Number (#) of Pending SRs
    • Number (#) of Opportunities
    • Number (#) of Wins
    • Potential Revenue
    • Potential Revenue (000)
    • Average (Avg) Potential Revenue
    • Avg Open SR Age
    • Avg Days to Close SR
    • Avg Minutes to Close SRs
    • Avg Open SR Age (Minutes)
    • Avg Days to Close Opportunity (Definition: The number of days to close an opportunity divided by the number of wins.)
    • Closed Revenue
    • Closed Revenue (000)
    • Avg Closed Revenue
    • Revenue
    • Revenue (000)
    • Product Closed Revenue
    • Avg Revenue
    • Revenue
    • Product Revenue (000)
    • Product Closed Revenue (000)

Usage Notes

This subject area is one of a group of related subject areas. All the subject areas in this group have the same metrics and share most of the same dimensions. The only difference between them is that the first dimension in the dimension list is specific to the subject area. The subject areas in this group are as follows:

  • Account and Competitor History
  • Account and Partner History
  • Account and Related Account History

The Account dimension includes a Book hierarchy, which enables you to analyze metrics and related attributes at any level.

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