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Activity History Analytic Subject Area


This subject area is available in all editions of Oracle CRM On Demand.

Business Purpose

This subject area allows you to analyze a broad set of activity metrics by activity, account, opportunity, lead, campaign, contact, service request, and date dimensions. Because this subject area represents every single activity event and interaction in connection with these record types, this subject area is at the lowest possible level, which means the activity fact table that determines this subject area might be the largest. This subject area allows you to roll up and analyze activity metrics using the broadest set of dimensions. This subject area consists of two or more fact tables, which allows the reporting of user quotas in relation to activity metrics.

Relationship Type



This subject area has the following dimensions:

  • Account
  • Activity
  • Campaign
  • Contact
  • Date
  • Dealer
  • Lead
  • MedEd Event
  • Opportunity
  • Owned By User
  • Quota
  • Service Request


The complete list of metrics for this subject area is as follows:

  • Activity Metrics
    • Activity Custom Metrics
    • Activity Metrics by Created Date
      • Number (#) of Activities (Created Date)
      • Number (#) of Appointments (Created Date)
      • Number (#) of Closed Activities (Created Date)
      • Number (#) of Open Activities (Created Date)
      • Number (#) of Tasks (Created Date)
    • Activity Metrics by Other Dates
      • Number (#) of Appointments (End Date)
      • Number (#) of Appointments (Start Date)
      • Number (#) of Tasks (Due Date)
    • Number (#) of Accounts with Activities
    • Number (#) of Activities
    • Number (#) of Appointments Scheduled
    • Number (#) of Calls Dialed
    • Number (#) of Calls Reached
    • Number (#) of Closed Activities
    • Number (#) of Open Activities
  • Quota Metrics
    • Quota Value

Usage Notes

The Account dimension includes a Book hierarchy, which enables you to analyze metrics and related attributes at any level.

User Time Zone Enabled Fields

Normally, all times included in Analytic subject area reports display the company's time zone to ensure consistent time information no matter who generates the reports. The Activity dimension includes the following fields:

  • End Time
  • End Time User Time Zone
  • Start Time
  • Start Time User Time Zone

The End Time and Start Time fields report the activity time in the company's time zone. The End Time User Time Zone and Start Time User Time Zone fields report the same information as the standard fields do but in the user’s local time zone.

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