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MedEd Event History Analytic Subject Area


This subject area is available only in Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Edition.

Business Purpose

A MedEd event can be any type of promotional or education event that is attended by physicians or medical professionals. From a company's perspective, the following are the MedEd event types:

  • Sales Representative Level. Executed by a manager or one or more sales representatives.
  • Corporate or National Level. A national training event or meeting targeted at a specific group of medical professionals.

You can plan events at the national level for either a specific product or period and then allocate resources by region, district, or sales representative. Pharmaceutical companies require metrics and information about medical events to align sales and marketing activities. From a compliance perspective, reports provide information to companies, so that companies can control their budgets and ensure that there is little or no deviation.

Relationship Type



This subject area has the following dimensions:

  • MedEd Event
  • Invitees
  • Product Category
  • Product
  • Date
  • Owned By User


The complete list of metrics for this subject area is as follows:

  • MedEd Metrics
    • Number (#) of Invitees
    • Number (#) of MedEd Events
    • MedEd Event Cost

      (Definition: The cost of the completed activities for all attendees associated with a MedEd Event.)

    • MedEd Event Budget

      The Event Budget metric comes from the dimension. When only the MedEd dimension is used the metric is the sum of the dimension field value. However, when other dimensions (particularly invitee) are used, the metric is calculated as the maximum of the dimension field value.

    • Budget Surplus/Shortfall

      (Definition: The difference between the event budget and the event cost.)

Usage Notes

If your company changes the display name for MedEd Event to a custom name, the custom name appears in Oracle CRM On Demand Answers.

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