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Assets Reporting Subject Area


This subject area is available in all editions of Oracle CRM On Demand.

Business Purpose

This subject area allows you to analyze asset metrics by account, asset, product and user dimensions. It allows you to track assets and products that were sold to a customer or company. This is one of the few subject areas where the visibility to the asset records is based on the visibility of the associated account records.

Relationship Type



This subject area has the following dimensions:

  • Account
  • Asset
  • Owned By User
  • Product

Optimized Filtering Fields

This subject area has fields that are optimized for reducing the query time when they are used in filters. Optimized fields end with the words Code or UTC. For example, the Account dimension has an Account Type field. There is also an Account Type Code field, which is the optimized version of the Account Type field. Similarly, there is an Indexed Date UTC field, which is the optimized version of the Indexed Date field. Using the optimized field in the filter generates faster queries. This method is faster than using the standard field. For information on using optimized filtering fields, see Using Optimized Filtering Fields. The following dimensions in this subject area have optimized filtering fields:

  • Account
  • Asset


The complete list of metrics for this subject area is as follows:

  • Asset Metrics
    • Number (#) of Assets
    • Average Number (Avg #) of Assets

Usage Notes

You can analyze the Asset metrics by the Owned By User dimension. The Account dimension includes a Book hierarchy, which enables you to analyze metrics and related attributes at any level.

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