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Business Planning

This topic introduces the Business Planning features available with Oracle CRM On Demand.

About Business Planning

Oracle CRM On Demand supports the management of accounts and contacts. This management includes handling the profiles of the account and related contacts, the account and contact relationships, and creating an overall plan for how to effectively allocate funding and resources associated with an account.

As sales and marketing teams move from a product-centered strategy to an account-based (or customer-based) sales strategy, key account selling and strategic business planning become critical for success. Sales and marketing teams define the following:

  • Potential opportunities for the business
  • Strategic goals
  • Lists of defined activities to meet these goals and win opportunities
  • Strategic goals for an entire account
  • Tangible goals with the appropriate definition of the potential opportunity

Oracle CRM On Demand supports selling strategies and processes to manage your key accounts that enable your account teams to create and manage the following:

  • Business and engagement plans
  • Related objectives
  • Opportunities
  • Activities

NOTE: The Business Plan, Objective, Plan Account, Plan Contact, and Plan Opportunity functionality was developed in the context of Oracle CRM On Demand Life Sciences Edition, however, all Oracle CRM On Demand customers can access and use this functionality. Your company administrator can enable this functionality for your use.

Scenarios for Business Planning

The following topics provide examples of how Oracle CRM On Demand business planning functionality might be used. You might use this functionality differently, depending on your business model.

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