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Accessing the Sales Process Coach

At each sales stage of an opportunity, your company might need to collect specific information, according to their business practices. To guide you in completing the information, your company administrator can set up follow-up tasks, require that you fill in specific information, and add information for you to review at each phase of the sales process.

Note: Your company can set up different sales processes (stages, probabilities, and coaching information) for different roles and different opportunity types. For example, if some sales representatives sell products while others sell services, they might be linked to different roles and, as a result, see different options for sales stages and different guidelines in the sales process coach.

To access the coach information relating to the sales stages

  1. Select the opportunity.

    For instructions on selecting opportunities, see Finding Records.

  2. On the Opportunity Detail page, click the Coach button.
  3. Review the Process Coach page for information that your company administrator set up, and update the opportunity record accordingly.

    TIP: You can print the information by right-clicking on the Process Coach page.

    NOTE: In the Useful Resources section, click View in the row of any attachment for further information.

  4. To update the opportunity, click Edit and revise the record information to meet the coach instructions.
  5. Save the opportunity record.
  6. When you update the Sales Stage field, the application prompts you to fill in required fields. Also, some fields might default to certain values, but you can update those.
  7. Click Close in the Process Coach window.

If your company administrator has set it up, some tasks are added to this opportunity and this opportunity’s linked account when you save the record.

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