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Acknowledging Receipt of the Sample Inventory

When the samples administrator sends samples to end users in the field, when end users exchange samples, or when end users return samples to headquarters, the recipient of the transaction must acknowledge receipt of the sample inventory. The recipient must physically receive the sample inventory, count it, and acknowledge the quantity. This step is the starting point for tracking sample inventory and ultimately results in reconciling sample inventory at the end of the period.

Oracle CRM On Demand Samples Management supports the electronic movement of sample inventory through the process of Creating a Samples Transfer. Samples are routed to a recipient who must then acknowledge receipt of the samples before Oracle CRM On Demand can transfer the new inventory to the recipient's active inventory period.

End users can acknowledge full or partial receipt of a samples transfer. For more information, see the following:

Before you begin. To acknowledge receipt of the sample inventory, your user role must include the Enable Basic Samples Operations privilege.

NOTE: When acknowledging receipt of the sample inventory, if the end user does not already have records corresponding to the sample product, sample lot, or inventory period associated with the sample inventory being transferred, then Oracle CRM On Demand creates these records.

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