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Sample Inventory Fields

Use the Sample Inventory Edit page to add a new sample inventory record to an inventory period, or update details for an existing, sample inventory record. The Sample Inventory Edit page shows the complete set of fields for a sample inventory.

TIP: You can also edit a sample inventory on the Sample Inventory List page and the Sample Inventory Detail page. For more information on updating records, see Updating Record Details.

NOTE: Company administrators can customize Oracle CRM On Demand in a variety of ways, such as changing the names for record types, fields, and options in lists. So, the information you see might differ from the standard information described in the online help.

The following table provides additional information regarding some of the sample inventory fields.




The product associated with this sample inventory record.

NOTE: When creating a new sample inventory record, only products that are categorized as samples (that is, products of category type Samples Dropped) can be entered in this field.

Lot #

The lot number associated with the sample product selected. This field is optional.

NOTE: When adding or updating a sample inventory record, click the Lookup icon to select a sample lot. Only sample lots that are being tracked by lot number in the inventory (that is, sample lots that have the Inventory by Lot check box selected) are available for selection. For more information about sample lots, see Sample Lots and Sample Lot Fields.

Opening Balance

The initial quantity received from headquarters at the beginning of the inventory period.

Last Physical Count

The quantity of inventory at the time that the latest inventory audit report was run.

Physical Count

A physical count of the balance on hand. The sales representative enters this value.

NOTE: This is the only field that the sales representative can modify.

System Count

The initial quantity transferred by headquarters to the sales representative. For more information about viewing a running count of the sample inventory, see Calculating a Running Total of the Sample Inventory.

NOTE: By default, the System Count field is not displayed on the Sample Inventory Detail page and Sample Inventory Edit page, so contact your samples administrator to configure the field setup for sample inventory pages.


The difference between the value in the Physical Count field and the value in the Last Physical Count field.

Oracle CRM On Demand automatically populates this field whenever an inventory period is closed out. For more information see, Closing Out an Inventory Period.

Lot #: Expiration Date

The date on which the sample is set to expire. This date is relevant if using a sample lot to track sample inventory records.

Lot #: CutOffDate

A calculated date upon which the sample will expire. The formula to calculate the lot number cutoff date is as follows: Expiration Date minus the number of Short Days equals the Cut Off Date.


The date, timestamp, and user who created this sample inventory record.


The date, timestamp, and user who last modified this sample inventory record.

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