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Process of Reconciling the Inventory

This topic describes how to reconcile the inventory.

Before you begin. Do the following:

  • Your user role must include the Enable Basic Samples Operations privilege and the Enable Samples Adjustment privilege.
  • Meet the following requirements:
    • Verify that previous inventory periods are reconciled. Users must reconcile previous inventory periods in chronological order. This requirement is a concern only if a company's configuration allows more than one inactive, unreconciled period.
    • Acknowledge the receipt of inventory transfers. Users must send acknowledgements for all received sample inventory shipments.
    • Create transfer transactions for transferred samples. Users must create transfer transactions for any samples transferred to another representative or returned to headquarters.
    • Mobile users must synchronize with the server database. Mobile users must synchronize their local database with the server database before submitting an inventory count. This requirement is important if they are recording samples received in a previous period.

Restrictions That Apply When Reconciling the Inventory

Note the following restrictions:

  • The counts for transferred and received samples are not reflected in the inventory count until their records have been submitted.
  • An inventory period cannot be reconciled if any discrepancy exists between physical counts of the inventory and electronic counts of the inventory. If a discrepancy exists, it must be corrected before a user can reconcile the period.

To reconcile the inventory, perform the following tasks:

  1. Closing Out an Inventory Period
  2. Correcting Physical and Electronic Count Discrepancies
  3. Reconciling an Inventory Period

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