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Calculating a Running Total of the Sample Inventory

At the beginning of an inventory period, a sales representative can have quantity n of product x. During the inventory period, the sales representative performs various transaction tasks (for example: transfers in, transfers out, sample drops, adjustments, and acknowledgements). As each transaction task is started and completed, Oracle CRM On Demand updates the running count for product x.

Based on the sample transaction activity, Oracle CRM On Demand keeps a record of the current count for all products by calculating the representative inventory balance. To calculate the representative inventory balance, Oracle CRM On Demand takes the quantity of product x at the beginning of each inventory period and does the following:

  • Adds shipment acknowledgements
  • Adds sample transactions of the type, Transfer In
  • Subtracts sample transactions of the type, Transfer Out
  • Subtracts sample transactions of the type, Disbursement (a drop sample transaction)
  • Subtracts sample transactions of the type, Return
  • Adds or subtracts sample transactions depending on the type of Inventory Adjustment and the value in the quantity field. A negative number is acceptable to indicate a loss, theft, or human error.

Before you begin. To view the running count of the sample inventory, the System Count field must be displayed on the Sample Inventory Detail and Sample Inventory Edit page. By default, the System Count field is not displayed, so contact your samples administrator to configure the field setup for sample inventory pages. For more information about field management, see Record Type Application Customization Page.

To view the quantity at last physical count

  1. On the Inventory Period List page, drill down on the Start Date field to open the inventory period record that you want.
  2. On the Inventory Period Detail page, go to the Sample Inventory section.

    For each Sample Inventory line item, the value in the Last Physical Count field shows the quantity of the inventory at the time that the last inventory audit report was run. The System Count field shows the initial sample quantity that was transferred by headquarters to the sales representative. For more information about the fields on this page, see Sample Inventory Fields.

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