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Authorizing Contacts to Receive Samples

Sales representatives cannot distribute samples to any contact. They can distribute samples only to contacts who are authorized to receive and sign for samples. Administrators control this ability by designating which contact types can be sampled. If a sales representative tries to distribute samples to a contact who is not authorized to receive and sign for samples, then an error message similar to the following is displayed: Contact cannot be sampled.

Before you begin. To authorize contacts to receive samples, you must first create a custom field named Can Be Sampled of type picklist and with the values Yes and No.

To authorize contacts to receive samples

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
  2. In the Application Customization section, click Application Customization.
  3. In the Record Type Setup section, click the Contact link.
  4. In the Cascading Picklists section, click the Contact Cascading Picklist link.
  5. On the Contacts Cascading Picklists page, click Edit next to the following cascading picklist definition.

    Parent Picklist

    Related Picklist

    Contact Type

    Can Be Sampled

  6. Go to Step 2 of the Cascading Picklists Wizard, and set the Related Picklist Displayed Value to No for each contact (or Parent Picklist Available Value) that you do not want authorized to receive and sign for samples.

    NOTE: The Related Picklist Displayed Value for each contact (Parent Picklist Available Value) is set to Yes by default, which means that all contacts can be sampled by default.

    For example, in the following table, the following contacts are authorized to receive and sign for samples: Hospital Executive, Lab Technician, Nurse Practitioner, Pharmacist, and Physician.

    Parent Picklist Available Value

    Related Picklist Displayed Value







    Hospital Executive


    Lab Technician


    Nurse Practitioner






    Physician Investigator


    Research Nurse


    Research Pharmacist


    Research Lab Technician


    For more information about cascading picklists, see Defining Cascading Picklists.

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