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Acknowledging Partial Receipt of a Samples Transfer

Oracle CRM On Demand supports the electronic movement of sample inventory. For more information, see Creating a Samples Transfer. Samples are routed to a recipient who must then acknowledge receipt of the samples before Oracle CRM On Demand can transfer the new inventory to the recipient's active inventory period.

End users can acknowledge full receipt of a samples transfer as described in Acknowledging Full Receipt of a Samples Transfer, or partial receipt of a samples transfer as described in the following procedure.

When acknowledging receipt of a samples transfer, if the end user does not already have records corresponding to the sample product, sample lot, or inventory period associated with the sample inventory being transferred, then Oracle CRM On Demand creates these records accordingly.

Before you begin. To acknowledge receipt of a samples transfer, your user role must include the Enable Basic Samples Operations privilege.

To acknowledge partial receipt of a samples transfer

  1. On the Sample Transaction Homepage, click Received Transactions in the Sample Transaction List section.
  2. On the Sample Transaction List page, drill down on the Name field to open the transaction that you want to acknowledge.

    The transaction that you open must be of the type Transfer In and have a status of In Transit.

  3. Review the details of the transaction, and in the Transaction Items section, enter values in the Received Quantity fields to reflect the quantity of sample products received.

    The Shipped Qty fields shows the quantity of items shipped and is a read-only field.

  4. Click Acknowledge.

    If there is a difference between the received and shipped quantities, then an error message appears indicating that there is a difference in the transfer amounts.

  5. Do one of the following:
    • Click OK to close the transaction with a discrepancy.

      In this case, a discrepancy transaction is automatically generated by Oracle CRM On Demand with a status of Processed with Discrepancy.

    • Click Cancel to leave the transaction open with a status of Partially Received.

      If there is no difference between the received and shipped quantities, then the status of the transaction changes to Processed, and you have acknowledged full receipt of the samples transfer.

NOTE: The samples transfer quantities do not appear in end users inventory counts until they acknowledge receipt of the samples.

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