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Viewing Disbursement Transactions

End users cannot create disbursement transactions (drop sample transactions). Oracle CRM On Demand automatically generates disbursement transactions whenever sales representatives drop samples during sales calls.

NOTE: End users cannot create received transactions either. Oracle CRM On Demand automatically generates transfer in transactions whenever sales representatives return previously dropped samples or transfer out samples to headquarters or another sales representative.

Before you begin. To view disbursement transactions, your user role must include the Enable Basic Samples Operations privilege.

To view disbursement transactions

  1. On the Sample Transaction Homepage, click Disbursement Transactions in the Sample Transaction List section.
  2. On the Sample Transaction List page, drill down on the Name field to open the disbursement transaction that you want to view.
  3. On the Sample Transaction Detail page that is displayed, review Key Transaction Information, Key Contact Information, and Transaction Items information.

    For more information about the fields on this page, see Sample Transaction Fields.

    End users cannot update or change any of the information on this page. If any modifications or corrections are required for a disbursement transaction, a new inventory adjustment transaction must be created, see Creating a New Inventory Adjustment Record.

NOTE: In a similar way, you can also view received transactions by selecting the appropriate option from the Sample Transaction List.

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