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Sample Transactions

Use the Sample Transaction pages to create, update, and track sample transactions and associated transaction items for samples.

A sample transaction is a record for a sample transfer, receipt, sample drop, or inventory adjustment. Oracle CRM On Demand assigns each sample transaction record a unique identifier for tracking purposes. You create a sample transaction so that all movement of samples and promotional items can be reported and reconciled at the end of an inventory period, and a running count of inventory products can be maintained during an inventory period. Each sample transaction record represents a single transaction that can consist of one or more line item entries (transaction items). Transactions are associated with the appropriate inventory period depending on their transaction date. All sample drop and promotional item drop activity generates a disbursement transaction (drop sample transaction). Transferring inventory to and from headquarters and sales representatives generates two transaction records:

  • One for the transfer out for the sending entity
  • One for the transfer in for the entity that receives the sample

Sales representatives or headquarters can create adjustment transactions to account for discrepancies in inventory due to loss, theft, returns, found, or human error. When sample transactions have a status of Submitted, no changes can be made to the transaction information. If a change is required, you must generate a new transaction adjustment.

NOTE: Your company administrator determines which tabs are available to you. If your job responsibility does not include tracking sample transaction information, the Sample Transaction tab might be excluded from your setup.

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