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Adjusting Sample Transactions

Sales representatives must track inventory and make sure that each sample is accounted for during the reconciliation. The adjustment feature allows samples administrators and end users to adjust inventory counts of samples by adjusting past, sample transactions (transactions that have already been processed). Common reasons for adjusting past, sample transactions include: product loss, product thefts, counting errors, or data entry errors. You can add products or adjust quantities for any type of sample transaction (transfer, lost, stolen, received, drop sample transaction or disbursement, and so on). You use adjustments to reconcile the original quantity from the samples administrator record with the quantity that exists when the sales representative counts the physical inventory.

You can adjust any transaction of any type that has a transaction status of Processed. After an existing transaction has been processed, you cannot adjust it again. You must create a new inventory adjustment record. For more information, see the following topics:

Before you begin. To create adjustments (sample transactions of the type, Inventory Adjustment), your user role must include the Enable Basic Samples Operations privilege and the Enable Samples Adjustment privilege.

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