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Creating a Samples Transfer

A samples transfer is a sent transaction of the type Transfer Out or Return. You create a samples transfer whenever product samples are exchanged within your company. This procedure can be used by:

  • A samples administrator to send shipments to end users in the field
  • End users to exchange samples between themselves
  • End users to return samples to headquarters

After a samples transfer has been submitted in Oracle CRM On Demand, the recipient receives a samples transfer of type Transfer In. After the recipient acknowledges the receipt of the transaction, Oracle CRM On Demand enters the new inventory in the inventory count and decreases the inventory items from the sender’s inventory records.

Before you begin. To create a samples transfer, your user role must include the Enable Basic Samples Operations privilege.

To create a transfer out or return record

  1. On the Sample Transaction List page, click New.
  2. On the Sample Transaction Edit page, set Transaction Type to Transfer Out or Return:
    • Transfer Out. Indicates that you are transferring samples to another user.
    • Return. Indicates that you are returning samples to headquarters. Samples are typically returned because they have expired or are damaged products that must be destroyed.
  3. Set the status to In Progress.
  4. Enter the name of the person who will receive the sample in the Transfer To field.
  5. Complete the remaining fields on the Sample Transaction Edit page as required (see Sample Transaction Fields for more information), and then click Save.
  6. Add at least one transaction item line item, as described in Adding Transaction Items to a Sample Transaction.
  7. Add or modify the books associated with the record as required.
  8. Click Submit.

    If there are no errors, the status of this new transfer out or return transaction record changes to In Transit, and Oracle CRM On Demand automatically creates a new recipient transaction record where the transaction type is Transfer In and the status is In Transit.

    Any book information associated with the transfer out or return transaction is copied to the new recipient transaction.

    The new received transaction record inherits all the transaction item line items from the transfer out or return transaction record.

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