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About Segmentation Wizard

You can use Segmentation Wizard to generate contact segments (that is, lists of contacts) based on a combination of account, contact, opportunity, and service request fields in Oracle CRM On Demand. The resulting segments are multidimensional customer lists for targeting campaigns.

You can create the following segment types:

  • Dynamic segment. Dynamic segments can be refreshed whenever necessary. When you refresh a dynamic segment, the filters saved with the segment are reapplied to the records in Oracle CRM On Demand, and the segment is updated to include new records. The new segment overwrites the previous segment.
  • Static segment. Static segments are preserved as a snapshot. With a static segment, you can also manually select the contacts to include in the list. You cannot refresh a static segment.
  • External segment. External segments are based on data from an external system or source. Segmentation Wizard finds Oracle CRM On Demand records that match the external list of data and returns linked contacts.

Additionally, Segmentation Wizard allows you to:

  • Upload segments as campaign recipients to Oracle CRM On Demand
  • Export segments as CSV files

Scenario for Using Segmentation Wizard

Your marketing team is planning to hold a marketing event in Germany for executives in the automotive sector. The event will allow executives at your company to assist in closing large, active opportunities before the end of the quarter.

To generate a segment to support this business need, you apply these filters:

  • Contact Job Title is set to President.
  • Account Location is set to Germany.
  • Account Industry is set to Automotive.
  • Opportunity Sales Stage is set to Negotiation Opportunity.
  • Revenue is greater than 1,000,000.

The resulting segment is a list of contacts in Oracle CRM On Demand that meet all the criteria that you defined.

For example, to be included in the list, a contact record must (in addition to having the job title of President) be linked to account and opportunity records that meet the criteria for those record types.

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