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Uploading Segments

You can upload the segments that you create in Segmentation Wizard to Oracle CRM On Demand. When you upload a segment, Oracle CRM On Demand links the contacts in the list to a campaign in Oracle CRM On Demand. The contacts appear in the Recipients section on the Campaign Detail page.

The following procedure describes how to upload a segment to Oracle CRM On Demand.

Before you begin. In Oracle CRM On Demand, create the campaign that you want to link to the segment.

To upload a segment

  1. Open the Segmentation Wizard (Excel) template file.
  2. In the Target Builder toolbar, click Upload Segments.
  3. In the Upload Segments window:
    1. Select the segments that you want to upload.
    2. Select the campaign for this segment.
    3. Select the delivery status for the recipients that you are uploading.

      The value that you select appears in the Delivery Status column in the Recipients section on the Campaign Detail page.

    4. Click Upload.

      NOTE: You can upload a total of 10,000 recipients to a single campaign.

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