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Sending Notes to Other Users

You can send a note to other users by clicking a note icon that is displayed next to a user's name in the application. The note is sent to the Message Center of the user.

You can use this facility with the fields associated with a user name, such as First Name, Owner, Created By, and Modified By. These fields appear in Detail pages, lists, and other places in the application.

From the Message Center you can reply to notes from other users.

You can add user records to the favorite Records section in the Action bar. This allows quick access to the users that you often send messages to.

For more information about using the Message Center, see Working with the Message Center.

To send a note to another user

  1. Move the pointer over the field associated with the user name so that the note icon appears.
  2. Click the note icon
  3. Type the note, and click Save.

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