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Viewing Oracle CRM On Demand Service Information

The Service Information page provides information about planned and recent maintenance sessions for your Oracle CRM On Demand production environment and staging environment. The production environment is the environment where your company performs its work in Oracle CRM On Demand. The staging environment is typically a copy of the production environment that can be used for testing purposes, for example, to test configuration changes before applying them to the production environment, or to test patches before they are applied to the production environment.

The Service Information page also provides information about the availability of your Oracle CRM On Demand production environment over the last number of months.

The following procedure describes how to view Oracle CRM On Demand service information.

To view Oracle CRM On Demand service information

  • Scroll to the bottom of any page in Oracle CRM On Demand, and click Service Information to open the Service Information page.

In the Service Information page, the Version Information section shows details of the version level, patches, and so on, which apply to the Oracle CRM On Demand environment where you are currently signed in. This information is used by Oracle for troubleshooting purposes. You might be asked to provide this information if you contact Oracle for assistance.

The following table describes the information shown in the Production Availability Information section of the page.




The calendar month for which the availability information is provided.


The percentage of time during the specified month that the Oracle CRM On Demand production environment was available.

NOTE: Availability information is provided approximately mid-month for the previous calendar month. On rare occasions, the availability information can be changed after it is first provided.

In the Service Information page, the maintenance schedule information for the production environment and the staging environment are shown in two separate sections.

The following table describes some of the information shown in the maintenance schedule sections of the page.



Maintenance Date

The date for the maintenance session. Dates in the future indicate planned maintenance sessions, and they are subject to change.

Estimated Start Time

The estimated time that the session will start. The time shown is the time in your local time zone.

Estimated Duration (hrs)

An estimate of the length of time the session will take, shown in hours.

Maintenance Type

The type of maintenance that was or will be performed, for example, standard maintenance or a patch installation.

NOTE: If the date for the maintenance session is in the future, the maintenance type information is subject to change.

Last Updated

The date that the information for the maintenance session was last updated.

NOTE: From the Service Information page, a Diagnostics link provides access to diagnostics information. For security reasons, the information is encrypted. If you contact Oracle for assistance, you might be asked to click the Diagnostics link and to send the encrypted information to Oracle CRM On Demand Customer Care.

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