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Working with the Service Request Homepage

The Service Request Homepage is the starting point for managing service requests.

NOTE: Your company administrator can customize the layout of your Service Request Homepage. In addition, if your user role includes the Personalize Homepages privilege, you can add sections to the page and remove sections from the page.

Creating a Service Request

You can create a service request record by clicking the New button in the My Open Service Requests section. For more information about service requests, see Assigning Service Requests and Service Request Fields.

Working with Service Request Lists

The Service Request Lists section shows a number of lists. Oracle CRM On Demand comes with a set of standard lists. All standard lists are public and visible to everyone. You and your managers can create additional lists based on different criteria. These custom lists appear above the standard set of lists.

The following table describes the standard lists for service requests.

Service Request List


All Service Requests


All Closed Service Requests

Status = Closed

All Escalated Service Requests

Status = Open - Escalated

All Open Service Requests

Status=Open, Status = Open - Escalated

All Recently Created Service Requests

All service requests, sorted by the created date

All Recently Modified Service Requests

All service requests, sorted by the modified date

My Open Service Requests

Status = Open (displays records containing your user name in the Owner field)

My Service Requests

Service Requests with your name in the Owner field

To view a list, click the list name.

To create a new list, click New. For more information about creating lists, see Creating and Refining Lists.

To review all available lists, create a new list, or view, edit, or delete an existing list, click Manage Lists. The Manage Lists page also includes the standard lists delivered with Oracle CRM On Demand. These lists are view-only. So, you cannot edit or delete them.

Viewing Open Service Requests

The My Open Service Requests section shows a list of your open service requests, in the order in which they were created. To expand the list, click the Show Full List link.

Viewing Service Request Related Tasks

The Service Request-Related Tasks section shows open service request-related tasks assigned to you, sorted by due date and then priority. It shows this information:

  • Due Date. Date task is due as set by you or your manager.
  • Priority. Priority for tasks as set by you or your manager, such as 1-High, 2-Medium, or 3-Low. The task priority is indicated by arrows: an up arrow for high priority, no arrow for medium priority, a down arrow for low priority.

    NOTE: If your company administrator has changed the default values for the Priority field, arrows might not be displayed in the Priority field in the task lists.

  • Subject. Title of task. Click the link to review the task.
  • Service Request. Number the system assigns to identify the service request.

Click Show Full List to expand the list of service request-related tasks.

Viewing Open Service Request Reports

The Open Service Request Analysis section shows service request reports by source, product area, user name, or priority. You can click a chart section or table item to see the details and to determine what needs to be done to resolve issues today. You can also change the categories in the drop-down list to view the same data from another perspective.

For example, you can:

  • Use this analysis to keep informed about open and escalated service requests.
  • Filter by Product Area to see which areas are generating the most calls.
  • Filter by User Name to see how the workload is spread across the team.
  • Filter by Priority to see the level of service issues being reported.

To see other types of service analyses, go to the Reports Homepage.

Adding Sections to Your Service Request Homepage

If your user role includes the Personalize Homepages privilege, you can add some or all of the following sections to your Service Request Homepage:

  • Service Request-Related Tasks
  • My Current Service Request Related Tasks (tasks that are due today)
  • Additional report sections (your company administrator can make report sections available for display on your Service Requests Homepage)

To add sections to your Service Request Homepage

  1. On the Service Request Homepage, click the Edit Layout link.
  2. On the Service Request Homepage Layout page, use the directional arrows to add or remove sections and to organize the sections on the page.
  3. Click Save.

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