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Setting Up Column Formulas

Advanced users can create new formulas, or edit existing formulas, using built-in functions. Oracle CRM On Demand Answers supports a wide variety of SQL-92 functions, as well as extensions to SQL-92. For information about the available functions, see Using Functions in Analyses.

To edit or add a formula

  1. In Oracle CRM On Demand Answers, in the Define Criteria page, click the Edit Formula button for a column whose formula you want to edit or add.
  2. In the Edit Column Formula dialog box, select the Column Formula tab.
  3. Select the Custom Headings check box if you want to change the table heading and column heading text.
  4. Modify the formula, as required, using the buttons below the Column Formula box.
  5. Select an aggregation rule from the Aggregation Rule drop-down list, as required.
  6. Select the Bins tab and combine multiple values or ranges into bins, if required.

    For more information, see the To combine multiple values or ranges into bins procedure in this topic.

  7. Click OK.

    In an analysis, you can also use functions and conditional expressions to present search results in a variety of ways.

To combine multiple values or ranges into bins

  1. In the Edit Column Formula dialog box, select the Bins tab.
  2. Click Add Bin, enter or select the values or ranges of the value that you want to combine into the bin, then click OK.
  3. In the Edit Bin Name dialog box, enter the name for the bin.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have added all the bins that you want.

    All instances of the different values that make up the bin in the result set will be replaced by the bin name. Aggregations are performed accordingly as well.

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