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Setting Alerts for Service Allotments

You can set an alert for a service allotment so that when the allotment usage reaches a certain threshold value, an email is sent to notify specified users. If alerts are enabled for a service allotment, the following defaults apply:

  • Alert Recipients. The email address of the primary contact for the company
  • Alert Threshold. Seventy percent of the allotment value

For existing customers, alerts are disabled by default. For new customers, alerts are enabled by default.

Note: You cannot set an alert for the Web Services Concurrent Request allotment.

In addition to the threshold alert, an automatic alert email is sent to either the primary contact or the specified email recipients when current usage reaches a company's allotment value. If alerts are enabled, then the email indicating that the allotment has been reached is sent to the specified recipients.

To set an alert for a service allotment

  1. In the upper right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
  2. In the Company Administration section, click the Company Administration link.
  3. In the Service Allotment Administration section, click the Service Allotment Administration link.
  4. In the Service Allotment List page, click Edit.
  5. In the Service Allotment Edit page, complete the following fields:
    • Alert Recipient. Enter the email addresses of the users who will receive a warning email.
    • Alert Threshold. Enter the percentage of the allotment value at which the alert email will be sent.
    • Alert Enabled. Select this check box to enable the sending of alert emails.

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