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Deleting Shared Addresses

When deleting a top-level shared address record, Oracle CRM On Demand removes all denormalized fields to the associated account, contact, dealer or partner records.

Example of the Removal of Denormalized Fields When Deleting a Shared Address

Consider the following example, where the top-level shared address is 550 Walnut Lane, Swarthmore PA 19050, USA. Two accounts and eight contacts are using this shared address. One account has the address listed as the billing address, while the other account has it listed as the shipping address. Five of the eight contacts have this address as their primary address. When the shared address is deleted, Oracle CRM On Demand does the following:

  • Deletes the associations with the accounts and contacts
  • Clears the billing address information from the account where it was listed as a billing address
  • Clears the shipping address information from the account where it was listed as a shipping address
  • Clears the contact address information from the five contacts where it was listed as a primary address

Considerations for Restoring a Deleted Shared Address

If you restore a deleted address, you must update the Billing and Shipping settings because when Oracle CRM On Demand restores the address record, it does not restore the address settings to the original values. You must readjust these values to avoid the creation of erroneous data. For example, consider the following:

  • Shared Address 1 for Account 1 is marked as a billing address, and you delete Shared Address 1.

    Oracle CRM On Demand clears the billing address fields for Account 1.

  • You then associate a new Shared Address 2 as the billing address.

    Oracle CRM On Demand populates the Account 1 billing address fields with those of Shared Address 2.

  • You restore Address 1 from the Deleted Items list.

    Oracle CRM On Demand restores Address 1 to the Addresses list and reassociates this shared address to Account 1, but does not restore the original Billing setting.

    Address 2 and Address 1 appear in the list of addresses associated with Account 1. Address 2 remains the billing address with the appropriate fields denormalized to the account, until you manually reset Billing to Address 1.

NOTE: You cannot have more than one billing or shipping address in an account, dealer, or partner record, so you must readjust the Billing and Shipping settings in this situation when an address is restored. This also applies to the Primary setting for restored contact addresses.

For more general information about deleting and restoring records, see Deleting and Restoring Records.

To delete a shared address

  1. Navigate to the shared Address List page.
  2. On the record-level menu for the shared address, click Delete.
  3. Click OK on the confirmation window.

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