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Address Fields

Use the Address Edit page to add an address or update details for an existing address. The Address Edit page shows all the fields that are available for an address.

NOTE: Company administrators can customize Oracle CRM On Demand in a variety of ways, such as changing the names for record types, fields, and options in lists. So, the information you see might differ from the standard information described in the online help.

The following table provides additional information regarding some fields.



Key Address Information

Address Name

The name of the address record. This field has a limit of 50 characters. It must be unique and is required by default.

Validated Date

(Optional) The date when the address information has been validated by an external source. Use the date selector to specify or update this date. This date is relevant only if address validation is being used, otherwise it is ignored.

Address Type

This picklist field specifies the address type. The following are the address types that are available by default: Residential, Office, Vacation Home, Other, Vanity, Private, Postal, Hospital, and Clinic. (Required.)

NOTE: This picklist field is not available when you are creating a new address record using the Address Edit page. It is only available when you edit a saved address record. For more information, see Creating New Shared Addresses in Account, Contact, Dealer, or Partner Records and Setting the Address Type for Unshared Addresses Using Edit Rel.

Address Information


The country or territory used in the address record. Use the drop-down list to select a country or territory for your address.

NOTE: The Address Information fields match the country-specific postal requirements. For example, the address fields for the United States use ZIP codes, while address fields for many other countries use postal codes. The following Address Information fields (Address1 and Address2) are shown if the Country field is not selected. For more information about postal requirements, see About Countries and Address Mapping.


Address line 1. Typically, this field holds the street address, for example, 10 Main Street. It has a limit of 200 characters. It is converted to the street numbering convention for the selected country (for example, number and street for Canada or U.S.A.). The conversion is based on the Country field.


Address line 2. This field handles any additional street address details. It has a limit of 100 characters.


Address line 3. This field handles any additional street address details. It has a limit of 100 characters.

NOTE: This field is not present in the default layout of Address Edit or Detail page, if a country is not selected.


The city in the address record.


The province or territory in the address record, for example, New Brunswick.

NOTE: Oracle CRM On Demand changes this field to State, if the country selected uses States (for example, India or USA).

Post Code

The postal code for example, M1C 3J6, or the ZIP code for U.S.-based addresses, for example, 19050.


This field has a limit of 100 characters.


This field has a limit of 1999 characters.

NOTE: This field does not appear by default. Your company administrator must set it up.

Validated Status

Indicates whether the address has been validated or not and is calculated based on the Validated Date field.

NOTE: This field does not appear by default. Your company administrator must set it up.

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