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Marking Shared Addresses as Validated

Oracle CRM On Demand changes the validation status of an address record from Not Validated to Validated if the Validation Date field is set in the Address Detail page. Typically, customers use their own methods, which are external to Oracle CRM On Demand, to determine whether addresses are valid, and then mark them as validated in Oracle CRM On Demand by setting the Validation Date field.

If address validation is set up for a company, then only addresses marked as validated are shown or added to lists in account and contact records, and you cannot add new addresses to accounts or contacts. However, you can add them to the Addresses homepage.

Before you begin. To mark Address records as validated, you require the Validate Shared Addresses privilege. Both the Enable Shared Addresses and the Validate Shared Addresses settings must be selected in the company profile, to set up address validation for a company.

To mark a shared address as validated

  1. In an Address Detail page, click Edit.
  2. Navigate to the Key Address Information section, and set the Validated Date field, using the date selector.

    NOTE: You cannot set a validated date to a future date.

  3. Save the address record.

    Oracle CRM On Demand changes the validation status of the address record from Not Validated to Validated.

NOTE: The Validation Status field in the address record does not appear by default. Your company administrator must set it up.

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