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About Electronic Signatures

Oracle CRM On Demand can store signature data securely, in image format, for dropped samples. Signature images are stored in Oracle CRM On Demand, using standard image formats. The signature image is a series of x- and y-coordinates or strings, which can be stored in the Oracle CRM On Demand database.

Each call activity recorded for samples that are dropped during a sales call must have an associated signature image. It is the responsibility of the sales representative who is dropping the samples to obtain an electronic signature from the person (or company) who receives the samples. The signature can be captured on paper or by an external application (such as a mobile handheld device), and then uploaded to Oracle CRM On Demand through the Web services interface. The sales representative must capture the signature when the samples are dropped. The sales representative cannot deliver the samples without capturing an authorized signature.

Administrators and authorized users can view sample signature images on the Signature Detail page, but they cannot create, update, or delete them. The Signature Detail page lists the four most recently captured signatures for samples dropped. Sample administrators must regularly check the signature images on the Signature Detail page to make sure that the signatures collected from each contact are consistent.

NOTE: Access to the sample signature image is controlled so that only designated roles can access and view sample signature images. Only those roles that have been authorized to receive samples and assigned the Enable Basic Samples Operations privilege can access and view signature images.

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