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Using Functions in Analyses

SQL functions perform various calculations on column values. This section explains the syntax for the functions supported by Oracle CRM On Demand Answers. It also explains how to express literals. There are aggregate, string, math, calendar date/time, conversion, and system functions.

You can use functions anywhere that formulas or SQL expressions are allowed within Oracle CRM On Demand Answers. For example:

Formula Names

When referring to a column in a function, you must use its internal formula name. All columns have two different names:

  • The display name of the column is the name that you see displayed in the Active Subject Area section on the left side of the page, under a specific folder name. These names are used as the default labels for column headings. The names change depending on the language setting of the user, as well as any field name changes made by your company's Oracle CRM On Demand administrator.
  • The formula name is a fixed, internal name for each column. These names are always in English. Formula names contain two parts that are separated by a period. The first part corresponds to the folder name, and the second part corresponds to the column. If there are any spaces in either the folder name or the column name, then that part must be enclosed in double quotes. The folder name part of the formula name is often the same as the displayed folder name, but not always.

The following table provides examples of formula names that correspond to specific folder and display names for a column.

Folder Name

Display Name

Formula Name


Main Phone #

Account."Phone Number"


Annual Revenues

Account."Annual Revenue"

Date Created

Fiscal Qtr/Yr

"Date Created"."Fiscal Quarter/Yr"

Owned By User

User ID

Employee."Employee ID"

Finding the Formula Name

To determine the formula name for a column, first add the column to a report. Click Edit Formula [fx], and then the Column Formula tab in the resulting dialog box. The formula name for that column can be found in the Column Formula text box.

TIP: When the cursor is in the Column Formula dialog box, clicking a column in the Action bar inserts the column's formula name directly into the text box at the cursor location (but the column is not added to the list of columns for the report). This shortcut works only for the Column Formula dialog box, not for other dialog boxes where SQL can be entered.

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