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Tracking Invitees to Medical Education Events

You can track invitees to the medical education event and store feedback about the event invitation.

To track invitees to a medical education event

  1. Select the MedEd event.

    For instructions on selecting MedEd events, see Finding Records.

  2. On the MedEd Event Details page:
    • Click Add in the Invitees title bar to add invitees to the event.

      NOTE: You might want to add the Invitees section to your layout. For information on changing the layout, see Changing Your Detail Page Layout.

    • Click Edit in the Invitees title bar to update the session details, comments, and status for an existing invitee.
  3. On the Invitees page, update the information:
    1. Click the Lookup icon next to Contact Name.
    2. Use the Lookup window to create a new contact or select an existing one to add as an invitee.
    3. Select a status from the Invitee Status drop-down list.
  4. Save the record.

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