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Tracking Service Histories of Vehicles

When you want to review, update, or create a service history for a vehicle, update the vehicle record. The service history can include service requests and other services related to the vehicle.

To track the vehicle’s service history

  1. Select the vehicle.

    For instructions on selecting vehicles, see Finding Records.

  2. On the Vehicle Detail page, scroll down and click Add in the Service History title bar.

    NOTE: If the Service History section is not visible on your Vehicle Detail page, click the Edit Layout link in the upper-right corner of the page, and add the Service History section to your page layout. If the section is not available to add to your page layout, contact your company administrator.

  3. On the Service History Edit page, fill in the information.

    The following table describes some field information for service histories.



    SH #

    Service History number which has a limit of 30 characters. Oracle CRM On Demand generates this number.

    SR #

    Service request record linked to this service history. Limit of 64 characters.

    Owner Last Name

    Owner of the vehicle. Limit of 50 characters.

    Service Date

    Default is today’s date.

    Currency Code

    Defaults to your currency. Limit of 20 characters.

    Service Name

    A name or number linked with the service history record. Limit of 100 characters.


    The manufacturer or brand name of the vehicle. Read-only.

    Owner First Name

    When you select the last name, this field is filled in. Limit of 50 characters.

    Service Provider

    Dealer or other service provider who serviced the vehicle. Limit of 100 characters.


    This field has a limit of 16,350 characters.

  4. Save the record.

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