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Using Optimized Filtering Fields

Optimized fields end with the words Code (for picklists) or UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) for date-time fields. Using the optimized field in the filter improves report performance.

Code Fields in Filters

Code fields store picklist values in language independent code (LIC) for multilanguage picklists. In Oracle CRM On Demand, you manage multiple languages by using language independent codes and individual entries for each language. For example, a status field might be implemented as follows for the language value with a status of Active.



Language Independent Code













To filter active accounts, you create a filter for the Status Code field (the optimized version of the Status field) and for the LIC value (in this case, Active). No matter which language you use, querying for the LIC value improves report performance because an extra translation step is not required to query other languages.

Displaying the LIC Values for a Picklist

To display the LIC values for a picklist, use the following procedure.

To display the LIC values for a picklist

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
  2. In the Application Customization section, click the Application Customization link.
  3. In the Record Types Setup section, click the link for the required record type.
  4. In the Field Management section, click record type Field Setup.
  5. On the Fields page, click one of the Edit Picklist links for the picklist field that you want.

    The LIC values are in the Id column.

UTC Fields in Filters

When you use UTC fields, they are not converted to company or user time zones and so they improve report performance. Performance is further improved when the date-time fields are indexed in the database. You can suppress these fields in your reports and use the fields that have adjusted time zones instead.

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