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Viewing Activities

Oracle CRM On Demand keeps your activities in the forefront by showing them on several pages:

  • My Homepage

    My Homepage contains separate lists for your appointments and tasks, sorted by date.

  • Calendar

    The Calendar pages show your appointments as they would appear in an appointment book, opened to today’s schedule. You can review other days by using the monthly calendars on the right or by clicking the 1, 7, and 31 icons above the appointments to see the desired calendar view.

    The Daily and Weekly Calendar pages also show a list of up to ten of your tasks for the next 30 days (Due Date <= Today +30), sorted by the due date by default.

  • Detail page for record types, such as Accounts, Contacts, and so on.

    The Detail pages contain sections showing open activities and completed activities linked to a specific record.

NOTE: You can also synchronize your activity records with Oracle Offline On Demand (the Offline client). For more information, see Working with Other Applications.

About Managing Tasks

One way of managing tasks is to prioritize them by importance or urgency. You prioritize a task by assigning it a level, such as 1-High, 2-Medium, or 3-Low. The task priority is indicated by arrows: an up arrow for high priority, no arrow for medium priority, a down arrow for low priority. You change the priority level of a task on the Task Edit page. The default priority for a task is 3-Low.

TIP: Tasks appearing in red in the Open Tasks section of My Homepage, the Daily Calendar page, and the Weekly Calendar page are past their due date. Tasks that are past their due date do not appear in red in other pages such as the list page that opens when you click Show Full List in the Open Tasks section of My Homepage.

NOTE: If your company administrator has changed the default values for the Priority field, arrows might not be displayed in the Priority field in the task lists.

For information about the Group Task List tab, available for companies that use the Group feature, see Viewing Group Task Lists.

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