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Viewing and Editing a Forecast Using a Different Currency

The view-in currency conversion feature allows you to specify in which currency your forecast should be displayed. By default, the forecast will be displayed in your native currency (the default currency selected on your user profile or your company's default currency). You can also edit forecasts in the selected currency if you are managing opportunities in multiple economic zones.

If the forecast is edited while being viewed in euro (EUR), then the user can enter forecast values in euro. When the edited forecast is saved, it is converted to and saved in your company's default currency.

To view a forecast using a different currency

  1. Click the Forecasts tab.
  2. From the Forecast Homepage, click the Forecast Date link for the forecast that you want to review.
  3. On the Forecast Detail page, select the currency from the View In list in the Forecast Summary title bar.

The view-in currency value displays your user profile currency by default. If your user profile currency is not defined, the View In selector displays your company's currency by default. All of your company's active currencies are available for selection.

When you select a view-in currency, the forecast values are converted from the stored forecast currency (company currency) to the selected view-in currency, using the valid exchange rates for the forecast date.

If you drill down on a forecast record, or select a view-in currency that does not have a valid exchange rate defined for the forecast date, the forecast is displayed in your company's default currency instead, and an advisory message is displayed.

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