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Viewing Others’ Calendars

Before you begin. To perform this procedure, your user role must include the Share Calendar privilege.

You can view:

  • Another user's calendar

    You can view the individual calendars of users in your group (if you are a member of a group) or who report to you, and the calendars of other users who explicitly share their calendar with you.

  • A group calendar (if you are a member of a group) that combines the calendars of all the members of your group into a single calendar view

    NOTE: The list shows the users in alphabetical order. If the list exceeds ten users, scroll through the list to view the additional users' calendars.

    For more information about groups, see Group Management.

  • Custom views that combine other users' calendars

    For example, you might be working on a special short-term project with a number of users in different functions. Setting up a custom view that includes calendars for only those users allows you to see the schedule for those users in a single view. When you set up a custom calendar view, you can add the following users to the view:

    • Users who are members of your group (if you are a member of a group)
    • Users who explicitly share their calendar with you or one of your subordinates

      For more information on setting up custom calendar views, see Adding Custom Calendar Views.

The calendars show the times in your local time zone, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Also, only invitees and owners of appointments can view the details for private appointments.

To view another user's calendar

  1. On the Calendar page, click the User tab, if necessary.
  2. In the title bar, click the Lookup icon and click the Last Name of the user in the Lookup window.

    That user's calendar populates the User view.

    NOTE: Only users who share their calendars with you, and users who are members of your group, are available to select.

To quickly return to your own calendar

  • Click the My Calendar button in the title bar.

To view a combined calendar for all group members

  1. On the Calendar page, click the Group tab.
  2. On the combined calendar, you can:
    • Click the user's name to go to the user's personal calendar.
    • Click the date to go to the group view for that day.

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