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Viewing Personal Extract Requests

For users with either the Manage Personal Extract or Personal Export privilege, the pending and completed personal export requests are visible in the Personal Export Request Queue page. For the completed requests, you can drill down on a request to retrieve the CSV files. For each record type (parent or child) specified in the personal extract definition, there is a separate CSV file. For more information about the Personal Export Request Queue page, see Viewing Your Export Requests.

In the CSV files for personal export requests, the names of the record types and fields are the same as those used in the personal extract definition. In personal extract definitions, the field names are specified with the Web services v2.0 integration tags, and so the field names are used as the column headers in the CSV files. Custom fields have two integration tags:

  • Generic tag. This tag is used in the Generic WSDL file.
  • Custom tag. This tag is used in the Custom WSDL file.

The integration tag that is used in the CSV file depends on whether the custom or generic tag is used for the field in the personal extract definition. Personal extract request files are purged after 7 days. For each client, only the latest files are retained for a user. If a user requests a new personal extract for a client, then any existing personal extract request files are purged.

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