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Web Services Integration

Oracle CRM On Demand allows you to:

  • Access and change your Oracle CRM On Demand data from a Web services-enabled application
  • Create your own applications that integrate with Oracle CRM On Demand

You can:

  • Download Web Services Description Language (WSDL) files to help you develop applications that access Oracle CRM On Demand using the Web services interface, see Downloading WSDL and Schema Files.
  • Download WSDL and Schema files for using the methods of the Integration Events Web service to access the integration queues, and track changes for particular record types. You can also download Schema files to track custom and renamed fields for the supported record types.
  • View a summary of Web services used by your company, see Reviewing Web Services Utilization.

CTI Integration API

One of the WSDL files available from the Web Services Administration page is for the CTI Activity Web service, which is part of the computer telephony integration (CTI) Integration application programming interfaces (API). The CTI Integration API provides the ability to integrate Oracle CRM On Demand directly with third-party CTI software by using Web service integration. For more information about the CTI Integration API, see Oracle CRM On Demand CTI Developer’s Guide.

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