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Creating Workflow Actions: Assign a Book

An Assign a Book action on a workflow rule automatically assigns a book to a record when the conditions on the workflow rule are met.

NOTE: You can create multiple actions for a workflow rule, up to a maximum of 25 actions for each rule.

The following procedure describes how to create an Assign a Book action.

Before you begin. To perform the following procedure, you must have the Manage Workflow Rules privilege in your user role. For information on adding privileges to roles, see Adding Roles.

To create an Assign a Book action

  1. Navigate to the rule where you want to create the action:
    1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
    2. In the Business Process Management section, click Workflow Configuration.
    3. On the Workflow Rules List page, find the rule where you want to create the action.

      For information about searching for workflow rules in the list page, see Filtering Lists.

  2. Click the Workflow Name link on the rule.
  3. In the Actions title bar on the Workflow Rule Detail page, click Menu, and select Assign a Book.

    NOTE: The trigger event on the workflow rule determines what types of actions can be created on the rule.

    TIP: You can create a copy of an existing workflow rule action by clicking the Copy link for the action.

  4. In the Workflow Action Edit page, enter a name for the action.
  5. If you want to enable the action, select the Active check box.
  6. Click the selector button beside the Book Name field.
  7. In the Book lookup, select the book to which you want to assign records, and click OK.
  8. Select the appropriate Assignment Option and Apply To option.

    For a description of the options, see Assigning Records to Books.

  9. Save the action.

Record Ownership Modes and Assigning Books

You can configure record types that support custom books in different ownership modes: user mode, mixed mode, or book mode. For more information about records ownership modes, see About Record Ownership Modes. The record ownership mode interacts with workflow rules and actions.

If an Assign a Book workflow action attempts to remove the primary custom book from a record, then the following happens:

  • If the record type is configured in book mode, then the workflow action fails.
  • If the record type is configured in mixed mode, then Oracle CRM On Demand removes the value in the Book field on the record when the primary custom book is removed from the record.
  • If the record type is configured in user mode, then none of the books on the record is a primary custom book, and the record ownership mode does not impact the workflow action.

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