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Creating Workflow Actions: Update Values

An Update Values action on a workflow rule automatically updates fields when a record is changed, without losing the information about the original change (that is, information about when the record was changed, by whom, and what data was changed). The action is performed at the end of the wait period defined in one or more Wait actions, if any, that precede the Update Values action on the workflow rule.

Unless the trigger event for the workflow rule is Before Modified Record Saved, there must be at least one active Wait action that precedes the Update Values action on the workflow rule. Except on workflow rules where the trigger event is Before Modified Record Saved, Oracle CRM On Demand allows you to activate an Update Values action only if the action is preceded by an active Wait action.

NOTE: You can create multiple actions for a workflow rule, up to a maximum of 25 actions for each rule.

The following procedure describes how to create an Update Values action.

Before you begin. To perform the following procedure, you must have the Manage Workflow Rules privilege in your user role. For information on adding privileges to roles, see Adding Roles.

To create an Update Values action

  1. Navigate to the rule where you want to create the action:
    1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click the Admin global link.
    2. In the Business Process Management section, click Workflow Configuration.
    3. On the Workflow Rules List page, find the rule where you want to create the action.

      For information about searching for workflow rules in the list page, see Filtering Lists.

  2. Click the Workflow Name link on the rule.
  3. In the Actions title bar on the Workflow Rule Detail page, click Menu, and select Update Values.

    NOTE: The trigger event on the workflow rule determines what types of actions can be created on the rule.

    TIP: You can create a copy of an existing workflow rule action by clicking the Copy link for the action.

  4. In the Workflow Action Edit page, enter a name for the action.
  5. If you want to enable the action, select the Active check box.
  6. Fill in the fields described in the following table, and then save the action.



    Field Name

    Select the name of the field that is to be updated from the drop-down list.


    Click the fx icon beside the field, and define the expression that calculates the new value for the field. You can use the Check Syntax button in Expression Builder to test the syntax.

    This field can contain a maximum of 1024 characters.

    If you define an expression to calculate a field, such as a custom Margin field, where Margin equals Revenue minus Cost, then the field value is calculated each time the workflow rule is triggered, even if the Revenue or the Cost has not changed. For better performance, you can define an additional condition on the workflow rule, such as:

    FieldValue('<Revenue>') <> PRE('<Revenue>') OR FieldValue('<Cost>') <> PRE('<Cost>')

    The PRE function returns the value that was in the field before the field was updated.

    Overwrite Existing Values

    Select this check box if the existing value in the field is to be overwritten with the new value.

    If the field already contains a value, the value is not updated unless this check box is selected.

    If the field is empty, the field is updated with the new value, even if this check box is deselected.

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