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Working with RSS Feed Applets

In Oracle CRM On Demand, you can use RSS feed applets to subscribe to frequently updated content in which you are interested, such as blog entries, news headlines, or podcasts. This content can, for example, supplement your CRM information with information from news providers to which you have subscribed. You might have general market news displayed in your homepage. You might have news and information that is specific to your client’s employers in the Contacts detail page.

Oracle CRM On Demand has a feed reader built into the application, which aggregates content so that you never have to leave the application. For example, rather than having to visit other Web sites for market news, the information is delivered within Oracle CRM On Demand. In addition to aggregating content, the feed reader can accept user and record field parameters.

RSS feed applets are a type of custom Web applet, created by the company administrator, in which the URL for an RSS feed is specified. RSS feed applets can therefore appear in the following places:

  • My HomePage
  • Record type homepages
  • Record type Detail pages
  • The Action bar

For more information about custom Web applets, see About Custom Web Applets.

You must add the applet to the homepage layout, detail page layout, or Action bar layout, if it does not already appear on the page or Action bar.

Your company administrator can specify that an RSS feed applet is configurable. If this is the case, a Configure link is displayed with the applet, and you can change the name of the applet and the URL associated with the applet so that a different RSS feed is displayed. If an RSS feed applet is not configurable, the Configure link is not displayed.

Your company administrator will only make a few RSS feed applets configurable.

If the company administrator deletes an RSS feed applet, the customized versions of the applet are also deleted from the application. For example, if a user has an applet for a CNN news feed on his homepage, and another user has configured the applet for an NBC news feed on her homepage, both users lose access to the applet feed if the original RSS feed applet is deleted.

To configure an RSS feed applet

  1. Click the Configure link.
  2. In the Name field, type an appropriate name for the applet.
  3. In the URL field, edit the URL as required.
  4. Click Save.

    The feed is refreshed with data from the configured URL.

    Note: You can click Use Default to return to the URL as defined by the company administrator.

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