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Working with the List of Notes

If this feature is enabled for your company, the record Detail pages contain a note icon at the top right of the page. The number next to the note icon indicates the number of notes attached to the record.

When you click the note icon, a list of notes is displayed. For each note, the name of the user who created the note is displayed, together with the subject of the note or first part of the note text, if there is no subject. The date of the note is displayed, or if the note is from today, the time.

From the list of notes you can do the following:

To do this

Follow these steps

View a note

Scroll down to the required note.

Create a new note

Click New Note. Type a subject on the first line, type the note, and click Save. The note is sent to the Message Center of all users who have subscribed to the record. From the Message Center, users can click a link on the note to navigate to the record.

Subscribe to notes on the record

Click Subscribe. For more information, see Subscribing to Notes.

Delete a note

Scroll down to the required note, and click Delete. This action deletes the note from the Message Center and the record Detail pages.

View details of the user who sent a note

Scroll down to the required note, and click the user name. The User Details page for the user is displayed.

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