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Working with Other Applications

Oracle CRM On Demand works with these applications to provide additional functionality:

  • Oracle Offline On Demand

    You can copy accounts (and their linked contacts and opportunities), tasks, and appointments to Oracle Offline On Demand (the Offline client) on your laptop or desktop. This allows you to work offline, disconnected from the Internet. When you reconnect to the Internet, you can upload your changes to your company’s Oracle CRM On Demand application.

  • Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes Email Integration

    Through Oracle Outlook Email Integration On Demand and Oracle Notes Email Integration On Demand, you can link specific emails to account, contact, lead, opportunity or service request records in Oracle CRM On Demand. This feature allows you to store critical emails with the records to which they relate.

  • Microsoft Word

    You can use your Oracle CRM On Demand data to create mail merges and mass email in Microsoft Word using Oracle CRM On Demand Integration for Office.

  • Microsoft Excel

    You can create refreshable offline Microsoft Excel reports containing your Oracle CRM On Demand data using Oracle CRM On Demand Integration for Office.

  • Segmentation Wizard

    You can use the Segmentation Wizard to generate contact segments (that is, lists of contacts) based on a combination of account, contact, opportunity, and service request fields in Oracle CRM On Demand.

Checking Your System Requirements

Make sure your computer meets the system requirements before you install the software. For more information, see the Oracle CRM On Demand Web site.

NOTE: For additional system requirement information you can refer to the individual download page for each of the desktop integration clients.

To check the system requirements

  1. From any page in Oracle CRM On Demand, click the My Setup link.
  2. On the Personal Homepage, click the Data & Integration Tools link.
  3. On the Data & Integration Tools page, click the link in the section for the application you are interested in.
  4. In the System Requirements section on the page that appears, make sure your hardware and software meet the listed requirements.

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