.NET API Reference for Oracle Entitlements Server 11.1.2
.NET SM allows .NET applications to invoke PEP (Policy Enforcement Point) API to make OES (Oracle Entitlement Server) enabled .NET application. Typical uses of .NET SM include desktop and web applications that require access to OES.
.NET SM consist of lightweight .NET library that connects to OES through web service layer to consume authorization services exposed by OES PDP. The library also has features like failover and caching of authorization result which can be controlled by .NET application.
The IPepRequestFactory instance is retrieved via PepRequestFactoryImpl.getPepRequestFactory() API call. Using obtained factory instance, client can access API's from the IPepRequestFactory to prepare the request object and send an authorization call to OES through IPepRequest.Decide() API.
This call will return response as IPepResponse, which is evaluated by .NET SM.


Public classPepException
This PepException is thrown if passed information is not valid or not in expected form or any internal error occurred.
Public classUserPrincipal


Public interfaceIDecisionHandler
Interface for the main decide method that takes request objects submitted as collections of attributes and returns response objects from the returned decisions and obligation attributes.
Public interfaceIObligation
The IObligation interface provides access to an Obligation object implementation that contains a set of zero or more Attributes. The IObligation has an id: ObligationId. Each attribute has an id, as well, which is the first String of each String pair that represents each attribute in the Dictionary that contains the attributes.
Public interfaceIPepRequest
The IPepRequest interface is used to set all required information and make authorization call against the information is been set. Once authorization result is evaluated it will return in the form of IPepResponse.
Public interfaceIPepRequestFactory
The main entry point for building a PEP The basic pattern is to as follows: Instantiate the IPepRequestFactory Instantiate the IPepRequest by calling one of the newPepRequest methods
Public interfaceIPepResponse
The IPepResponse is the main entry point for processing the results [!:PepRequest#decide()] call.
Public interfaceIPepResponseFactory
The IPepResponseFactory is used by the IPepRequest to create the response object after evaluation of the result.
Public interfaceIPostDecisionHandler
This IPostDecisionHandler is used to add custome processing on request and response.
Public interfaceIPreDecisionHandler
This IPreDecisionHandler is used to add custome processing on request before making a decision.


Public enumerationPepRequestOperation
The PepRequestOperation holds the operations constants which is used by IPpeRequest.Decide().
Public enumerationPepRequestQueryType
The PepRequestQueryType holds the constants for repsonse type returned from query operations.
Public enumerationPepResponseType
The PepResponseType holds the constants for repsonse type returned from query operations.