Getting Started With PeopleSoft Commitment Control

This chapter provides an overview of Oracle's PeopleSoft Commitment Control implementation and discusses:

Note. Deselect all check boxes on the Installation Options - Products page for products that you have not licensed and are not using. As delivered, all check boxes for all products whether licensed or unlicensed are selected on the Products page and this can result in unnecessary setup for the unlicensed products and can also cause performance issues.

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PeopleSoft Commitment Control provides the following business processes:

These business processes are discussed in the business process chapters of this PeopleBook.

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PeopleSoft Commitment Control integrates with the following PeopleSoft applications:

Integration considerations are discussed in the implementation chapters of this PeopleBook.

Integration with third-party applications is discussed in this PeopleBook. For supplemental information about third-party application integration, access Oracle's My Oracle Support website.

Note. Commitment control does not support value added tax (VAT).

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Understanding Commitment Control Integration with PeopleSoft and Third-Party Applications

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PeopleSoft Setup Manager enables you to review a list of setup tasks for your organization for the products that you are implementing. The setup tasks include the components that you must set up, listed in the order in which you must enter data into the component tables, and links to the corresponding PeopleBook documentation.

Other Sources of Information

In the planning phase of your implementation, take advantage of all PeopleSoft sources of information, including the installation guides, data models, and business process maps. A complete list of these resources appears in the PeopleTools PeopleBooks: PeopleBooks and the PeopleSoft Online Library, with information about where to find the most current version of each.

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