Maintaining Quotation Information

This chapter discusses:

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In PeopleSoft Order Management, you can create sales order quotations the same way as you do sales orders. This section discusses the differences between them.

Note. It is not necessary to enter a quote to give customers product price and availability information. You can use the Price and Availability - Price Calculations Page for immediate access to product information.

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Quote Competition


Select Quotation Data from the Header Menu on the Quote Entry Form page.

Enter information about the success percentage competitor, and win loss reason. The competitor data is for information only.

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Set up a default business unit, beginning sequence, default order quantity, price adjustment reason, quote owner, as well as quote display options for each of the system users. You can also establish a short-term customer template on the Order Management business unit.

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At both the line and schedule of a quotation, you do not have access to the Load Planning process in PeopleSoft Inventory. Lot selection and soft allocation, available from sales order lines and schedules, do not apply to quotations. When entering a quotation, you must enter an expiration date to note the date that prices and terms on the quote are no longer valid.

This section discusses how to:

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Access the Quote Competition page (select Quotation Data from the Header Menu on the Quote Entry Form page).

Quotation Data

Success % (success percent)

A best-guess forecast that the quotation results in a sales order. Quotations are considered as demand when the success percentage is over the parameters that you define in PeopleSoft Supply Planning.

Due Date

The quote deadline that is specified by the customer or prospect.


Enter competitor information for this potential sale.

Won/Loss Reasons

Enter reason codes for why the sale is won or lost.

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Quotes are available for copying to sales orders. When order lines or schedules are created from quotations, the system automatically activates the Price Protected option. This option prevents the Order Repricing process from changing line and schedule pricing. Quotes can only be copied if they include an expiration date on the Quote Entry Form page. Quotes that are expired are not available to copy.

Quote lines are copied directly to the sales order, except for those with a status of canceled. You can also individually select which lines to copy to the sales order.

Lines for a quote can only be deleted if you do not enter a quantity. The status for all copied sales order lines is open so that the user does not have to change the status for each line; demand feeds immediately to Inventory.

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You can establish commission information for quotes to reduce the data that you must enter on a sales order when it is copied from a quote. The process for defining commission percentages for quotes is the same as the process for sales orders.

The Update Order Commission Data process retrieves commission percentages from team member schedules and populates the same fields on quotes as it does on orders. The difference is that quotes are not considered in calculating the total bookings or shipments for a team member to determine the level of his or her commission schedule for a particular calendar period.

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In the business, sales cycles with customers may flow from a quotation to a buying agreement and finally to sales orders. PeopleSoft Order Management is designed to facilitate the transfer of information in each step of this process with minimal additional data entry. You can copy quote header information, all lines, or selective lines to a buying agreement.

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